City of Edinburgh Gymnastics Club Annual Awards 2020

City of Edinburgh Gymnastics Club Annual Awards 2020

Night of Celebration Saturday, 1st February 2020The Queen Charlotte Rooms, Leith

We were excited to launch our first ever awards night  in 2020, giving the opportunity to celebrate some wonderful achievements within our incredible team of gymnasts and coaches. What a great occasion too to recognise some incredible gifts of time and hard work from all of the volunteers who support us.

I’m sure that you will wish to join us with our congratulations for the 2020 Awards Winners:

Wall of Fame

1. Wall of Fame – Kat Findlay and Claire Masterton


2. Coach of the Year – Ciorstan Gordon
3. Junior coach of the Year – Rowan Irvine

General – Gymnast
4. Most Improved Gymnast – Olivia Paterson
5. Team Leadership – Georgia Sim
6. Role model – Amelia Leslie

Section Awards – Gymnast
7. Gymnast of the Year – Performance – Kayla Bisset
8. Gymnast of the Year – Regional – Ava Fox
9. Gymnast of the Tear – 2 Piece – Leah Sim 
10. Gymnast of the Year – Intermediate – Eliza Draycot

Apparatus Awards – Gymnasts
11 Vaulting Hero – Eve Scott 
12. Bar Star – Holly Wilson
13. Beam Queen – Lila Krueger
14. Terrific Tumbler – Eva Hunter

15. Conditioning queen – Emma Rednall

16. Dance Diva – Margret Bjarnadottir

Volunteer Special Service Awards
Special Service Award– Kareen Sharp, Keith Mackie, Lindsay Rutherford, Ross Stupart, Jen Krueger, Antionette Stupart, Margie Leitch, Senga ReidStacey Ramage
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the evening.


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