Kit and Equipment

Competition Kit

Leotards can be ordered from our volunteer Purchasing Officer. All other club kit can be purchased from our on-line shop with Kukri. Our online shop is split into 2 sections: Competition kit, and Optional kit for training only.

Club 2-Piece and Development Competition Leotard

Pink Leisurewear – Teal, purple and black, sleeveless

Leotard comes with a matching scrunchie

This is also an optional training leotard for all gymnasts in our competitive section.
Club 4-Piece Competition Leotard

Pink Leisurewear – Teal and purple, 3/4 sleeves

Leotard comes with a matching scrunchie

Training kit

Training leotard – gymnasts can wear any leotard to training.

Tracksuit- Club tracksuit top or any other loose fit top and leggings.

Kit bag – Club bag or any other

Water bottle – Any (please note only water is allowed into the gym).

Handguards, wristbands, gloves and loops – see the equipment guide for bars below.

Chalk and Chalk Bag can be purchased at Tumbles only. Cash only: Chalk £2, Bag £1

Equipment Guide For Bars

Wooden bar

The year gymnasts turn 8 we recommend that they start using handguards with dowels on bars. Gymnasts under 8 don’t need handguards unless their coach advises them otherwise.

Palm guards/beginner handguards – we do not recommend you purchase these. They are expensive and by the time a gymnasts needs hand protection, they should be using proper handguards with dowels (which help to stop hands slipping off the bar). 
Shiny metal bar

Gymnasts who train 8 hours/week or more also need their own cotton gloves and loops for the metal shiny bar. Loops size varies depending on which gloves and wrist bands they wear.  Please purchase gloves and good wrist bands first.  Once your child is wearing the ones they will always use, the coach can help determine what size of loops they need and tell the gymnast.  For safety reasons, we require gymnasts to have their own gloves, wrist bands and loops. 

What to buy and where from:
Handguard pouch
We recommend gymnasts keep all their bar equipment together in a named pouch. You can use any small zipped or draw-string bag (should be made of breathable material to allow for the sweat to evaporate) or you can buy a dedicated pouch from Gymnastic Express

8 – 10 years – handguards with dowels and velcro- called Hot shot, link below:

10+ years- Any handguards with dowels from gymnastics planet or gymnastics express. Velcro or buckle. We recommend Reisport:
Finger wedges
Finger wedges are sometimes necessary to ensure the handguards don’t slip off their fingers, link below:

Cotton or Acrylic Gloves
Any cotton gloves (eg from Primark) or

Loops must be the right size for the gymnast, and the size depends on what gloves and wrist bands they wear. Please ask their coach for the correct size before purchasing.

Manique Basic Bar Loops

Must be white for competitions, any colour for training.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or ask your child’s coach.

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