Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of the survey of our members, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the competitive section. Responses to the questions members asked are given in the FAQ document in our policies and documents section.

New joiners

I’m new to the club, how do I find out about how things work?

How do I order club kit?


Does my child have the same coach all the time?

Why do some groups train at Tumbles whilst others never get a chance?

The club seems so big, will my child get personal attention so that she can perform to the best of her ability?

My child is not on the National or Elite pathway, will she have access to the most experienced coaches in the club?

I hear that some gymnasts go away to training camps. Is this open to all gymnasts?

When we go to 2 piece competitions other clubs seem to do much better than we do, why is that?


How do you develop the club’s coaches?

Should the coaches be using their phones at training?

Some of the assistant coaches look very young, are they qualified?

How do you make a complaint against a coach, gymnast or other club official?

Training Hours

Can my child change group because the training time doesn’t suit us anymore?

Can my child come to more training sessions, she wants to improve faster?

Gymnast Development / Progress Reporting

How can I find out about my child’s progress?

Is my child encouraged to ask the coach questions, or to clarify explanations she doesn’t understand?

Development of Elite Gymnasts

If my child has aspirations to compete at the Elite level, will she have to move clubs?

Gymnasts staying in the Sport

Gymnasts usually give up before they’re 13, don’t they?

Fundraising & Volunteering

I already pay fees for my child to be at the club, why do we have to fundraise too?

I pay fees for my child to be at the club, why do I get asked to volunteer?

Recreational Gymnastics

I thought this was a competitive club, why do we have so many recreational gymnasts?


How do you pick the gymnasts that appear in club promotional material?

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